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Many construction defects originate on the building plans—reversed flashings, poor integration with varying materials, incorrect or ambiguous details are common.  These mistakes can lead to devastating consequences if the trade contractors follow plans that are defective.  Pacific Property Consultants has the experience and forensic knowledge to uncover these costly mistakes during the Plan Review stage, long before they can jeopardize the vertical construction process.  A detailed analysis is provided to assist the design team to possible trouble and offers suggestions on improvement.  Our forensic architects understand how important it is to be a team player, and work with the design team as a trusted asset, providing timely insight that can save you time, money, and reputation!

Pacific Property Consultants has completed hundreds of Architectural Risk Plan Reviews on projects all across the USA, from single-family homes to large condominium towers.  Trust us to provide excellent service and quick turnaround on your next project.




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