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Your company engages in Change Process every day, maybe without you even knowing it. A foundation contractor places the anchors too close to the foundation face, creating a rock pocket.  You discuss how to prevent it, and they learn to do a better job. Simply, this is Change.  Creating a record of the event, identifying the root cause for the failure and creating a permanent solution is Change Process.  Pacific Property Consultants developed its Change Process services many years ago by studying how builders work in the field, and how world-class businesses and manufacturers operate in the factory.  Quality Tools such as the Change Process protocol are used in every quality business, every day, and push the company to further heights of quality and improvement.

Pacific Property Consultants offers focused training for your team to embrace change, use Quality Tools to your advantage, and develop new methods to catapult your quality forward.

Take the Change Process Challenge! We will identify your top 10 construction risks that are being built into your product every day, and teach you how to eliminate them with little or zero cost to you.  If we don’t save you at least at least 10 times our consulting fee, our services are free!  Contact us for more information and how we can be your trusted partner in change.




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