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Take the Builder’s Risk Challenge to study, quantify and document your vertical construction quality and built-in risk. Pacific Property Consultants will visit one or more active construction projects and conduct a Builder’s Risk Profile™ of your vertical construction activities.  Using our 27 years of experience as forensic and quality consultants, we will identify your best practices as well as construction risks that are being built into your final product.  This intense scrutiny of your operations becomes the focus of identifying your Risk Profile, with solid advice to quickly eliminate your highest risks.

Use your Risk Profile to create a benchmark of your quality operations, focus on risk elimination, or share with your insurance partners to demand lower premiums.  Our Risk Profiles are accepted by national insurance providers such as Zurich, Lexington, ACE, Lloyds, and many more.  Your Builder’s Risk Profile will be compiled using the latest litigation and customer service risk information, which identifies problems that are built into the final product. And unlike some of our competitors who lack forensic experience, all of our audits are conducted by highly qualified forensic professionals. Each Risk Profile includes quantification of each risk, the number of occurances, and the yearly risk exposure based on the occurrence factor.

Separate your business from your competitors, attract the lowest insurance rates and get the best coverage available using our Builder Risk Profile service.   We rank your company using fundamental “key factors” that have proven successful in many quality programs, including Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award and NAHB’s NHQ Award (Since our company president has served as a judge for both organizations, we know a bit about these processes!).  Order your Builder Risk Profile™ today and start saving significant risk and insurance costs tomorrow!




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