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Pacific Property Consultants understands California's Civil Code 895 et al--otherwise known as SB 800--inside and out.  We participated very closely with industry trade groups during its creation and offered suggestions to help formulate a law that would provide protection against shoddy workmanship yet create a fair opportunity for builders to correct defective work without costly litigation. 

Since 2003 when the new law was enacted, Pacific Property Consultants has successfully resolved hundreds of homeowner complaints using this process.  We have the ability to rapidly respond to the most agressive plaintiff attacks on a project as well, and can assist builders with strategies to stop the litigation and allow the builder to efficiently inspect, identify and repair actionable claims.  We also understand when an unscrupulous plaintiff firm attempts to usurp the law and can assist with keeping the defense team well organized and able to meet all required deadlines to avoid litigation.

Homeowners rely on Pacific Property Consultants to quickly assess the problem and get fast results without the need for expensive lawyers and costly litigation.  Due to our national reputation of resolving issues, we can often convince your builder to pay for our services so you receive help at no cost to you, and a quick resolution to your actionable claims. For Builders, our cost for services may contribute to your insurance deductable or SIR limit, so please call us before you take on an SB 800 claim.

Homeowners have made the largest investment in their home, and they deserve to have a home that is safe, comfortable and durable.  Trust in us to provide timely inspections, accurate analysis of claims and speedy recommendations and costs of repair that will hold up to any court scrutiny.  We are experts in SB 800, Nevada NRS 40 and other Right To Repair laws and can help you through the maze in an organized manner. 

For information on Calfornia's SB 800 legislation, click here

For information on Nevada NRS Chapter 40 Law, click here

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