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Implementing the latest industry standards for residential and commercial repairs, Pacific Property Consultants' team of architects, cost estimators and general contractors practice what they preach with specific, cost-effective repair solutions to your greatest challenges.  We are passionate about finding the most efficient solution to any problem, and have resolved issues where other experts have failed. 

Some examples of our successes:

  • Faced with a potential $2.3 billion product claim, a major distributor retained PPC to develop an innovative leak detection and repair system using sewer camera robotics, which was instrumental in settling the claim.
  • After a severe rainstorm in Texas deluged 1,100 new homes, PPC was called in to identify the source of the problem.  Several leakage sources were identified in the single-coat stucco and window systems, which were repaired over a 7 month period.  A total of 26,000 aluminum windows were successfully repaired without litigation.
  • A jury awards $750 million to the class action owners who retained PPC to identify the cause and repair of defective polybutylene water piping.  PPC's repair was accepted by the jury, and the resulting claims process included PPC's repair methodology to rank homes by order of severity.
  • A Kansas-based commercial contractor is sued for $55 million for defects to a skilled nursing and life-care facility, including lightweight floor fill failures which will shut down the project for two years.  PPC invents an in-place testing device and identifies several epoxy formulations which will restore the floor fill without removal, resulting in a $6 million settlement.
  • A Tahoe hospital discovers life-safety fire breaches in its area separation walls, but cannot shut down the facility.  PPC modifies a marine-based fireproofing material for use in wall cavities, develops a protocol and receives UL testing approval.  The hospital is renovated over a three week period with no shut-down required.

In thousands of cases, we put our minds to work and solve problems that are insurmountable to others.  Trust Pacific Property Consultants to be able to think outside the box, and deliver the most efficient solutions to your greatest challenges.




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