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As part of the litigation process and in preparation for trial, Pacific Property Consultants prepares trial exhibits in the form of construction assembly mock-ups to help a jury understand the building components in question.  A successful courtroom exhibit must be able to simplify an otherwise complex series of building components and installation methods, and must reinforce the expert's investigation results.  In more than 100 trials, Pacific Property Consultants has provided mock-ups, demonstrative evidence, photos and video segments to help a jury become informed about the case.  We were the first consultants to utilize digital courtroom demonstrations and switched from film cameras to digital photography 20 years ago.  Our proprietary courtroom software which utilized bar codes to instantly display documents and photos was used for many years before programs such as Trial Director were developed.

Whether the case involves a simple demonstration of photos during mediation or a full-blown trial presentation you can trust Pacific Property Consultants to deliver results.






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