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For over 27 years Pacific Property Consultants has been performing a wide variety of roofing and waterproofing inspection services that range from roof surveys and evaluation of existing roofing systems to leak investigations and continuous observation.  We handle all types of roofing systems with an emphasis on steep roofing products such as asphalt shingle, concrete and clay tiles, slate, standing seam metal and other more exotic roof systems.  

Whenever a portion of a building is below the exterior grade, a waterproofing system is needed to keep the building dry and comfortable.  In addition to the actual waterproofing materials, good drainage and yard slope is important to keep excess moisture away from the building perimeter. 

Many commercial buildings incorporate a podium deck, or elevated structural slab that often supports walkways, courtyard planters and even water features over parking.  While aesthetically pleasing, these structures can be very troublesome to waterproof, and often result in leakage to the parking spaces below.  Horizontal waterproofing systems must be carefully detailed and expertly installed to remain watertight for many years following construction.  Pacific Property Consultants has the experience and the testing knowledge to identify problem sources such as leaking pipe penetrations, faulty drains and breaches in the waterproof membrane. 

Pacific Property Consultants has evaluated many types of waterproofing systems, including sheet applied, cold process, elastomeric and bentonite clay systems to name a few.  If you are building a new project or evaluating an existing one, trust us to provide you with sound information to keep your project high and dry.






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