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"EIFS" is Exterior Insulation Finish System, used extensively in Europe and on many commercial high rises across America.  Unlike stucco, which is a Portland Cement product, the original EIFS systems incorporated an acrylic-modified thin coating applied over a closed cell foam sheathing.  EIFS offers many advantages over traditional stucco, including lighter weight and significant energy savings over traditional claddings.

The product has many disadvantages, since it is a barrier moisture system and must repel all moisture on the outside skin, which is rarely more than 3/8-inch in thickness.  EIFS failures are often the result of water intrusion gaining access through all the myriad interruptions to the cladding, such as occur around door and window openings and other penetrations.

Since EIFS systems must stop all water on the outermost skin, leakage can develop when using windows or other components that are not rain tight at the outermost interface.  When mismatches occur in the weather plane, leakage ensues often with catastrophic results.

Pacific Property Consultants can help you identify problems associated with inadequate EIFS construction, component mismatches, cracks or other failures in the system and offer you sound advice to resolve your issues with this product.






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