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 Living in a comfortable home is the result of many different systems and building components, including the building structure, insulation, air barriers and the heating equipment.  Diagnosing comfort complaints requires a whole-building approach, since no one system can deliver comfort without the others.  Ducted mechanical systems often lose as much as 28-percent of their entire capacity to the outside of the building due to leaks in the supply and return air systems.  Many homes and commercial buildings have been constructed to utilize portions of the building structure to act as a duct, which can lead to serious energy loss and performance complaints.

Pacific Property Consultants utilize specialized equipment that measures the airtightness of a ducted system, much like a pressure test to a plumbing pipe.  By using a Duct Blaster we pressurize a duct system and uncover leakage that can be pinpointed using chemical smoke and other means.  By incorporating a Duct Blaster test with a Blower Door test, we can measure how much conditioned air is escaping to the outside of the building envelope and wasting energy.  Flow hoods are often used to measure the actual output of air from a register or fan in determining if a room is getting the designed air flow it needs to remain comfortable.

A complete energy inspection takes only a few hours but the results can lead to huge energy savings, in addition to improving the air quality and comfort of your home.  Call the professionals at Pacific Property Consultants today to learn more about how an energy audit can save you money.




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